Our Services

Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation

A comprehensive assessment of skills and safety related to driving by a driver trained therapist.

Home environment review and modifications

A detailed assessment of the home is completed and recommendations are provided in line with the client’s needs and focus on independence. Prescription of aids/equipment and referrals or assistance with funding applications are also available.

Activity analysis and retraining

Assessment, advice and retraining is provided to help engage clients in meaningful activities

Wheelchair assessment, review and maintenance

Advice and assistance with manual and power wheelchairs

Memory and Cognitive Strategies

Strategies and supports for clients who are experiencing memory or cognitive issues including use of new and emerging technologies

New and emerging technology

Use of smart devices, apps and other technologies to enable client’s the achieve their goals


Matthew White

Founder and Principal Occupational Therapist

Matthew is a Melbourne based occupational therapist that has an extensive scope of practice acquired from his experience working within both the public and private healthcare settings including; emergency departments, inpatient acute hospital, inpatient rehabilitation and community rehabilitation. This varied experience enables him understand patient flow through the often complex healthcare system and therefore the ability to guide his client through their personal healthcare journey. This frame work is commonly referred to as the continuum of care and is coupled with Matthew’s passionate and collaborative client-centred approach to establish and ultimately realise client unique goals.

Jennifer Bone

Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist primarily working within Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. She has extensive experience working within leading public health services in settings including: Acute inpatient care, emergency departments, inpatient neurological and aged care rehabilitation and within community rehabilitation.
She has a strong passion for working with both adults and older adults to achieve their goals to participate and thrive in their meaningful occupations.


Please contact for full breakdown of costs dependent on services


Speak to your GP regarding a chronic disease management plan, you could be eligible for a rebate (currently 52.95 as per MBS data)

Private Health Insurance

Check with private health insurance providers for advice on coverage, many providers do cover occupational therapy as an extra.


Clients with DVA gold cards are available for service with no out-of-pocket charge.


Matthew is a registered NDIS provider and can be elected to be your preferred provider when establishing your plan and a service agreement will be setup.

Privacy Policy

There will be times when some personal information will be acquired during your therapy.

This information will be used to ensure you receive appropriate treatment and therapy or to provide you with information on service provision and changes.

Personal information will not be shared without express permission and will remain confidential and generally only used within Matthew White Occupational Therapy.

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